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Here at St. Vincent de Paul, we are constantly working towards improving our community through spreading the kindness and generosity of our wonderful donors and those who volunteer to our cause. St. Vincent de Paul is almost entirely staffed by volunteers.  We need you, to help us help others. If you’ve been looking for an outreach where even a few hours of your time will matter, THIS is it!

If you ever considered volunteering your precious time to work towards a cause of helping the needy in your community, to fill out a volunteer application or need some community service hours click here, or simply call your local store to see how you can get involved!

Send volunteer applications for the Waukesha store:                                        Send volunteer applications for the Oconomowoc store to:

Looking for a new job, where you can feel good that what you do every day goes to helping others? Click here to fill out an application, and become another member of our St. Vincent de Paul family!

Deliver either form to our Waukesha or Oconomowoc store or Email a completed form to the store manager at:

Oconomowoc Store Manager:

Waukesha Store Manager:

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